Many seniors fear it is either too late in life to seek therapy for their pain issues or that chiropractic care is harmful to their frail and elderly bodies. This, however, is at best a misinterpretation. I’m quite proud of the fact that my chiropractic practice caters to the requirements of the entire family. This means that I can help anyone in the family, including toddlers and children, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly. People of all ages, including those who fear it is “too late,” benefit from chiropractic care.

Improve Your Range Of Motion, Coordination, And Balance With These Exercises.

Every year, an estimated 33% of seniors fall down, and as flexibility and fragility grow. So does the risk of major injury. As we age, our bones become frailer and our muscles weaker. So our range of motion reduces, and maintaining balance becomes more difficult.

Chiropractic Care

Furthermore, because the exercises strengthen the muscles. They aid in the prevention of any serious injuries that may occur as a result of falling. Chiropractic therapy seeks to strengthen the muscles around the spine as well as ease pain by prescribing simple daily stretches and exercises.

Seniors’ Pain Relief

The great majority of chiropractic patients seek treatment because they are experiencing pain. When you consider that the elderly are more vulnerable as they age. It’s no surprise that pain and chronic disorders like arthritis become considerably more common. The fact that more than 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives speaks for itself. I will use drug-free and non-invasive approaches to correct the subluxations that impact the spine, alleviating pain and inflammation. This does not seem to be the situation, however.

Regular tasks may become more difficult, pain may become more prevalent, and numerous drugs may be taken on a daily basis in many circumstances. Each one of my therapies is customized to match the specific requirements of every client. This signifies that I’ll be gentle if it’s necessary. If you have arthritis, I’ll avoid some approaches and use others instead. My role is to make sure that treatment is provided, even if it’s only as a supplement to other pain medications.

Maintain your agility.

They discovered that senior adults who received regular chiropractic care as they aged had less severe arthritis than those who did not. Among the other findings were:

Chiropractic Care

In the journal Topics of Clinical Chiropractic, research named “Chiropractic for the Elderly” was published.

  • Chiropractic patients were more likely than non-chiropractic patients to exercise.
  • Patients were less likely to require assistance doing everyday tasks. As a result of customized treatment and strength training outside of the chiropractor’s clinic.
  • They discovered that 5% of older chiro patients were in nursing homes after three years of visits. Compared to 48% of non-chiro patients

Chiropractic seeks to strengthen your spine and boost healthy movement in general. So give me a call today if you’re ready to get started on the road to a healthier you! It’s never too late to improve your range of motion, relieve discomfort, or lessen the severity of your chronic disease.

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