Ancient History: As a unique kind of health care, chiropractic was first practiced in 1895, making it a century-old profession. Some of the world’s oldest healers, dating back to the dawn of time, recognized the link between health and the spine’s condition and were able to treat it.

Doctor D.D. Palmer’s close friend Reverend Samuel H. Weed was the first to use “chiropractic” in his writings. The term chiropractic was derived from two Greek words: kinesiology and chiropractic.

Chair (Chiro), which translates as “Hand.” Praxis (Practice) is a slang term that means “practice.” As a result, chiropractic is defined as “done by hand.” The Founder of Chiropractic: Dr. John D. Palmer.

ancient history

In the year 1895, a man by the name of Daniel David Palmer performed the world’s first chiropractic adjustment in Davenport, Iowa. D.D. Palmer was a pioneer of the frontier renaissance. Palmer would work as a school teacher, a farmer who developed a new kind of raspberry, and a philanthropist.

Before developing chiropractic, he worked as a grocer in Davenport, Iowa, and later as a “Magnetic Healer” for several years before pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor. In 1895, medical physicians were still using bloodletting to cure disease, which was still considered widespread practice at the time.

In contrast to what its name implies, magnetic healing had nothing to do with magnets or magnetic fields. Used acupuncture and Chinese medicine concepts to create a hybrid therapy that included massage and meridian therapy techniques.

At the end of the Civil War, magnetic healing emerged as a viable alternative to conventional medicine.

Ancient History: In D.D. Palmer’s Own Words, His Magnetic Healing Practice Can Be Described As Follows

Palmer was intrigued by the prospect of discovering the actual cause of sickness. He was curious why two persons who lived in the same house and drank the same water were so different. Grew up in the same neighborhood, shared the same air, and frequently shared parents.

It is possible to have two drastically different constitutions, one of which is healthy and disease-free and the other unwell. According to Palmer, there had to be something more than external variables or poor luck that impacted a person’s physical well-being.

He hypothesized that the operation of the nervous system was responsible for this internal element. D.D. Palmer would have the opportunity to put his idea to the test on September 18, 1895.

Palmer’s first chiropractic student began studying with him in 1898. There was only one student; the following year, there were three, and in 1902, there were four. The course was six months in length and cost $500 to enroll in.

In 1902, D.D. Palmer’s twenty-year-old son Bartlett Joshua Palmer was one of the four pupils who attended the school (known as B.J.). Dr. David Palmer founded chiropractic.

Day-to-day Operations

ancient history

During the first fifty years of chiropractic ancient history, B.J. Palmer’s son would emerge as the most significant character. Palmer School and Infirmary of Chiropractic was founded in 1899, and he took over the day-to-day operations in 1902.

B.J. was a lot more flamboyant advocate for chiropractic than his father, a much more conservative advocate. The Palmer School of Chiropractic grew and fought its initial battles against the medical profession during his professor there. In reality, in 1903, B.J. would be prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license, which would land him in prison. During the investigation and prosecution of his case, B.J. would be forced to close the school until around 1904.

Later dismissed the indictment, but B.J. was barred from practicing chiropractic for the rest of his life. The Palmer School continued under his supervision until 1905 when the first official graduation ceremony was performed.

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