Lower Back Pain

A serious and painful disorder that affects the lower spine. Trauma to a muscle or ligament induces lower back pain. Inappropriate lifting, poor balance, a lack of daily exercise, a crack, a broken disc, or arthritis all seem to be common causes.

Lower Back Pain Treatment In Maryland

In about ten cases, an acute, neurological cause of pain such as injury, infection, pressure on a nerve root, or inflammation may be identified. The other 90% of people have nonspecific lower back pain. Pain syndrome is a biopsychosocial process characterized by non-specific, chronic low back pain. In certain cases, psychological and social factors have an effect on the severity of low back pain and the course of treatment. Individual risk factors for low back pain include age, obesity, and physical health. They may have a psychological cause, such as anxiety, stress, or depression, as well as a social cause, such as the nature of the job, occupational exposure, and working conditions. 

Age-related changes in the vertebral disc can be the cause of lumbar spine pain. Discopathies are the medical term for these conditions. Damage to the fibrous ring and destruction of the nucleus pulposus in the vertebral disc was caused by degenerative changes in discopathy. Discopathy may result in a hernia of the nucleus pulposus, putting pressure on the nerve root and causing sciatica, a pain that radiates along with the sciatic nerve’s innervation. A history and physical examination are used to diagnose lumbar spine pain. Imaging experiments are just a minor consideration. There is no association between non-specific pain in the lumbar spine and pathological changes observed by X-ray, CT, or MRI.

Now, the treatment for low back pain that is evidence-based should be based on an integrated, interdisciplinary therapy program. Our chiropractors provide support to patients in need of such facilities (Analgomed). Education, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, pharmacological care, pharmacotherapy, neuromodulation procedures, invasive techniques, and surgical treatment are also part of the clinical program.

The value of knowledge and information cannot be overstated. The patient is often unaware of the nature of his pain: he is fearful of medications, refuses physical exercise, is afraid of painful procedures, and is unable to change his lifestyle. Our trained chiropractors perform physical therapy, in its broadest sense, which is a critical component in the treatment of chronic back pain. It is important to exercise on a regular basis. In chronic low back pain, psychotherapy including cognitive behavioral therapy can be extremely beneficial in helping the patient to control the pain.

The treatment for opioid abuse in Maryland is extensive and involves a range of drug forms. Here in our service, the effects of treating low back pain with opioid analgesics are positive in certain patients, but determining the reasons for this form of treatment and tracking it should be done in a specialized pain treatment center. Many patients with lumbar spine pain undergo invasive procedures such as nerve blocks, pyrolysis, and thermolysin. Acupuncture and other forms of neuromodulation are also used.

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Surgery for low back pain should be thought about very carefully. It’s important in some cases of acute low back pain even when medical care isn’t working. Our chiropractors are experts in this field so that you can feel relieved while giving us a visit. Then why are you waiting? Give us a call immediately to get rid of your severe lower back pain.

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