Neck Pain 

When you need neck pain treatment by our chiropractor. We have the experience and licensed chiropractor who knows how to treat your neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment In Maryland

We help elderly with arthritic neck pain, and young people with neck pain from injury, bad posture or bone diseases. Chiropractic treatment in combination with traditional treatment can help you manage pain without consuming high dosage of pain meds. If you have allergies and are scared of consuming so much of pain medicine, chiropractic treatment can be great to alleviate the neck pain.

Neck pain is mainly caused by bad posture. Holding your head in the same position for a long time can strain your neck. Watching TV for long hours, being on the computer or on the phone is a common cause of neck pain. Your neck muscles strain from being in the same position for long. Severe neck pain that prevents you from moving your head is often a result from pinched nerve, bad sleeping, or injury. Our chiropractors can help you with various chiropractic treatment and counseling to deal with the pain and prevent future aches as well.

Our treatment methods require the use of soft touch for nerve synchronisation. Massage can also be included in order to calm muscles and allow the bones to go back into place. Often, physical manipulation is an alternative, but it is not the only way to relieve pain in the neck. The realignment may occur using pressure when vertebrae are out of alignment. We often begin with a detailed diagnosis and clarify all of the solutions available to patients. We minimise patient discomfort by doing so while encouraging them to take part in their own treatment.

A knowledge on good posture can help you get fitter and healthier in life. With better posture you will feel less neck pain.

Some medical insurances cover chiropractic treatment. Our doctors can check with your insurance to see if they cover chiropractic. We will inform you in time about your insurance. When they cover your chiropractic, we will bill them directly so you don’t have to worry about the costs.

If you have suffered from nerve strain or fracture, muscle stiffness, trigger points, discomfort, bad balance, whiplash injuries, and wounds associated with car crashes, there is no need to live with the pain. We have non-invasive, no-pill treatment. Chiropractic treatment hardly has any side-effects and the pain relief is significant when you get it. When you want chiropractic treatment, come to trustworthy chiropractor and not some quack who might not even have a legitimate certification.

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When you come to us we begin with a detailed diagnosis, which requires a lifestyle review, because of the wide variety of possible causes. We assume that patients live a better quality of life by addressing all the causes of health-related conditions, such as a sore throat, than when only the signs are treated. Give us a call today to set an appointment.

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