Methods Of Chiropractic Care:

Educating yourself on the most popular chiropractic technique will make your first appointment with a chiropractor go more smoothly. Chiropractors all around the country employ the following six techniques, which are among the most popular.

Chiropractic Technique – Using A Drop Device:

The Thompson technique often referred to as the Drop technique, is a variation of this technique. Chiropractors utilize a unique table that can drop by minuscule amounts while pushing pressure on a patient’s spine or other extremities. It seems more like vibration to the patient, so there’s little chance they’ll feel any pain or discomfort. To fully manipulate the spine, one or more thrusts may be required.

chiropractic technique

Using The Gonstead Method:

Chiropractic students learn this method in practically every course they take in continuing education. The Gonstead technique, so named because of its creator, is a spine-alignment modification method.

When it comes to relieving pain and promoting proper spinal alignment, it’s often regarded as one of the most precise and effective procedures available. Chiropractors use a manual approach to make minor adjustments to the spine or pelvis. To realign joints that are causing pain, stiffness, or restricting general mobility is possible while the chiropractor is in this posture.

Method Of Activation (Activator):

The chiropractor uses an activator adjusting device to do this method. The Activator Method is recommended for treating back and neck pain and discomfort in the extremities, using a variety of complementary and alternative therapies. 

The advantage of using this equipment is that chiropractors can use a short, low-force pulse to pinpoint specific problem regions. Additionally, because the pulse is applied to a restricted location, joints will not bend or twist due to this method. They are being forced to choose between two unacceptable positions.

Manipulation At The Stake:

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome or posture-related problems often benefit from this approach, which can be employed for various ailments. Depending on your sensitivity and the health of your joints, this approach may cause some discomfort. This treatment includes manipulating joints outside of the spine, as the name implies.

Extremity manipulation, for example, may necessitate adjusting the joints in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. Chiropractic Technique that includes manipulating or mobilizing the spine. When people think of chiropractors, they typically picture them using this technique.

Back manipulation aims to improve and restore the function of the spinal joints.

A moderate thrusting action is used in conjunction with stretching to activate joints and enhance mobility in the spine. It’s a gentler manipulation method than some of the others because it doesn’t use as much power.

chiropractic technique


By minimizing pressure on the spinal nerves, this approach helps to alleviate stress on the nerves in the back. Disc injuries, low back pain, and sciatica are among the ailments that chiropractors treat with the flexion-distraction approach. The purpose of this therapy is to improve the range of motion in the spine.

The chiropractor manipulates the position of the patient’s spine while using flexion-distraction, which is done on a specialized table. In addition, the motion helps deliver nutrients to the spinal discs, which keeps them strong and healthy.

The fact that this procedure is painless is probably its most major advantage.

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