The Arm pain in the shoulder is quite annoying because it prevents us from performing everyday activities. There are many causes of ailments related to the limited range of movement. Depending on the diagnosis, appropriate treatment is adjusted.

1. Arm Pain – Characteristics

 My Arm Pain

Shoulder pain, also known as ” Painful Shoulder Syndrome “, is quite a discomfort as it significantly reduces daily functioning. Depending on what disease develops in our body, shoulder pain may be different.

2. Symptoms Of Arm Pain

Pain in the shoulder, included in the painful shoulder syndrome, is mild at the beginning of the disease and occurs only when the hand is moved. If left untreated, the disease worsens and prevents normal functioning – it becomes more and more burdensome.

Experts say that sudden pain in the arm can occur, but only when making a sudden movement. In the case of shoulder pain syndrome, one should refrain from such actions – the shoulder pain then becomes very intense, even acute. The patient involuntarily stops his hand in one position and waits for the pain to stop. In addition to the pain in your arm, there may also be some swelling around your arm.

3. Treatment For Arm Pain

Both the pain that is increasing and the pain that appears suddenly should be consulted with your doctor. To find out why your shoulder hurts, you should have tests including X – rays, ultrasound and MRI scans.

Most often, shoulder pain heralds three diseases. First, it could be due to muscle overload. It can be caused by many factors, including doing activities that are not used to, carrying heavy things, making jerky movements, exercising too hard, and even sleeping in the wrong position. 

The shoulder pain then appears as a result of muscle contraction and tense for a long time. The treatment of this ailment is taking painkillers, as well as those with a relaxing effect. It is worth using manual therapy for this variant of shoulder pain.

The second type of disease, the symptom of which is shoulder pain, may be damage to the tendons, i.e. the small muscles: infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapular, and also the minor curl. Together, they form the so-called rotator cuff. 

They are extremely important in the context of shoulder pain because they surround the shoulder and are connected to the joint capsule. This condition may take the form of chronic shoulder pain. Treatment of this disease usually ends with surgery. During this intervention, the specialist tries to reconstruct the tendons damaged in some way.

 Arm Pain


Finally, the third type of disease in which arm pain is one of the symptoms is bursitis. Its non-physiological state is filled with fluid. It is caused by the weakening of the tendons, basically the entire rotator cuff. The condition of the bursa causes pain in the arm because it becomes swollen due to the infusion of fluid into it, and when the hand is raised, it comes into conflict with the shoulder process. 

Treatment for this disease usually comes down to taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. The doctor may also recommend steroid injections directly into the affected bursa. Compulsory rehabilitation should be included in the treatment. In severe cases, surgery may occur.